System Horizon is a progressive metal band from Helsinki, Finland. The band is influenced by bands like Symphony X, Iced Earth, Opeth, and Pain of Salvation, but provides their unique take on the progressive metal genre by combining the sound of European melodic metal and progressive metal with atmospheric keyboards.

Early years

System Horizon started out as a home project by keyboardist Joonas Javanainen, but over time other people became interested in the project. Several unsuccessful line-ups existed before 2011, when Joonas decided to recruit the drummer Panu Hurskainen in order to focus on recording a full album. More members, including the guitarist and growling vocalist Mika Oinonen, were eventually recruited and the project grew into an actual band.

Recording of “Morphine”

During 2012-2014, the band recorded their debut album Morphine, which includes 11 tracks of atmospheric progressive melodic metal and lead vocals by the Swedish session vocalist Rob Lundgren. After years of hard work, the album was finally released in digital form on December 1, 2014. Every song on the album has a backstory and musical atmosphere based on a feeling which the music attempts to convey to listeners. The goal of the album is to take the listener on a melodic, progressive and melancholic journey, starting from the chilly atmosphere in the beginning, and ending in the warm but sad atmosphere of the last songs.

2015 and beyond

The band line-up saw several changes during the album recording, and in the beginning of 2015, the main focus of System Horizon is to complete the line-up for the second half of 2015 and beyond. The band is also working on their second album, which will be even more progressive than the debut album.